Exploring the art of creating value through entrepreneurship.

Build sh*t that matters.

My passion intersects between building things that make people’s lives better and telling stories about them.

This has led me to building companies, charities, communities, and in most cases, some  hybrid of all three.

I just love the blank canvas and adventures that starting something new brings.

My natural curiosity has led me to the dee[ exploration of human behavioural psychology, business and economics, and branding, marketing, and design and I spend most of my time exploring the intersection of all three.

Below you’ll find my thoughts, blogs, guides, favorite books, and a ton of other value on building things in this wild world.

I don't know if everyone feels the call to build, but if you do, my only hope is that you listen to that little voice inside you, before you listen to all the voices around you.

My thoughts on building.

Project Portfolio

Companies I've built, invested in, mentored, or been a part of creating.


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